About Us

A note from our CEO

I have come to understand the importance of providing all students with opportunity to do their best work and to achieve the goals that will provide them passage to colleges and universities.  The Saturday Scholar was founded in order for any student in grades, 8-12, to increase his/her knowledge and have the tools to perform well on the ACT, SAT, and PSAT.  These national tests are for most students the precursor to college admission.

The Saturday Scholar team is committed to its essential mission to use the most effective learning tools, and adopt the best teaching methods to teach its students.  Whether the faculty work one on one with students or deliver small group instruction, the goal is always to adapt our teaching to the learning needs of the students.  We recognize that every student is unique and approaches testing differently.

As a group of dedicated educators, we commit to making a valuable difference in the educational lives of our students.

Ernestine L. Sanders

What is Emphasized?

 * About the Tests

 * Building Skills

 * Reinforcing Skills

 * Work to Take Home

 * Test Taking Strategies

 * ACT, SAT, and PSAT Testing/Continued Practice

 * College Services