Ernestine L. Sanders

Ernestine L. Sanders is known for her educational leadership and business enterprise.  She has created operational models of education that are demonstrated by proven data and high performance at the elementary and secondary levels.  Ms. Sanders is experienced in both the private and pubic sectors of education.  Notably, Ms. Sanders has worked with schools who were termed “Priority Schools” and led them from failure to success.  

 As President and CEO of the Cornerstone Schools Association and under her leadership the Cornerstone Schools were recognized as the #1 Schools in the City of Detroit.

Ms. Sanders has received multiple awards for the work that she does with urban schools and its students:

  • Michiganian of the Year
  • Outstanding Education Award, College of Education-Michigan State University
  • Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship Award
  • The Skillman Foundation Award for Leadership of a High Performing School
  • The State of Michigan Excellence Award 
  • 25 years as an educational leader for Cornerstone Schools Association serving as President and CEO.
  • A change agent for moving schools from failure to success
  • Success raising the academic record of students


  • Bachelor of Education
  • Master of Education & Education Leadership