Our Mission

We help students catch-up academically, position them to be highly competitive, and prepare them for admission to the high-school or college of their choice.

Proficient & Competitive

Our personalized instruction improves reading, writing, and grammar for young students and perfects SAT/PSAT study and preparation techniques for college planning high schoolers.

Academic Achievement

Our programs give students who are socioeconomically disadvantaged the hands-on resources and support to meet their full potential and succeed.

College Readiness

Our small class sizes and use of technology improves GPA and SAT test scores, meets State requirements, and builds confidence they will carry for a lifetime.

Parent Partnership & Commitment

We offer educational workshops and seminars for parents on topics such as test preparation, study habits, and college readiness to empower them to support their child’s education.

Our program provides resources and advice to help parents navigate the college admissions process.

We ask parents to plan accordingly and ensure their child can attend sessions consistently.

No fees. Our program is supported by generous donations, and we welcome contributions from parents.


Our Programs & Impact

Personalized Learning for Academic Success
Our programs offer a unique approach to education through personalized learning and small group settings, ensuring that each student’s individual academic needs are met. With experienced teachers, we provide high-quality instruction in reading, math, and other key subjects. Students receive the focused attention they need to improve their proficiency, build confidence, and achieve higher test scores, setting them on the path to academic success.

Comprehensive College Readiness
We understand the importance of being prepared for college, which is why our program includes extensive SAT preparation and college planning guidance. Regular Princeton Review practice exams help students become familiar with the test format and reduce anxiety.

Support for Students and Families
Beyond academics, our program is dedicated to fostering leadership, resilience, and self-discipline in students. We also prioritize transparent communication with parents, keeping them informed of their child’s progress and providing resources to help them support their child’s educational journey.

In-Person Instruction
Our programs are held on Saturdays at the University of Detroit Mercy.

We need your help!

Donations directly support personalized, high-quality education for students in the Detroit area, helping them overcome learning gaps and achieve academic success.

Your contributions enable us to provide essential resources, such as experienced teachers, comprehensive college preparation, and leadership development.

By investing in our program, you are empowering students to reach their full potential and creating lasting positive change in the community.

Guiding the Leaders of Tomorrow

Our Teaching Team

Founder & CEO

Program Director




In their own words...


"My high school years were very challenging.  I am so lucky that Ernestine L. Sanders and Rosalie Wattrick were in my life to push me to excellence as I focused on my preparation for College and my Career Pathway."
The Saturday Scholar
Antonia Justice
"Great opportunity! Ms. Sanders and Ms. Wattrick helped me so much throughout my high school career to make sure I was prepared for the ACT! Take advantage!‚Äč"
The Saturday Scholar
Miles Brockman
WMU 2020
"Having a daughter that is so talented in so many ways makes me even more thankful that she went to a school that had such strong leadership and helped her apply herself and be the Scholar she is today."
The Saturday Scholar
Lakena Hutch
"My counselor, Ms. Wattrick, worked very hard to elevate my entrance potential for college and I am very fortunate to have been so inspired by her professional guidance."
The Saturday Scholar
Jonathan Frisson
"I am very grateful that I received the highest level of education in a school system led by Ernestine L. Sanders who set the standards that made me the successful scholar that I am today."
The Saturday Scholar
Zakia Brewer
GVSU 2019

This could be you.

Catch-up academically, become highly competitive, and earn admission to the high-school or college of your choice.

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