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Our Mission

The new school year brings learning challenges and opportunities for students. For more than a year, many students were forced to learn remotely, or in some instances, they went to school just a few days a week. Learning opportunities such as the Saturday Scholar were suspended because of the COVID 19 epidemic. We are pleased to announce that we are back. The Saturday Scholar’s program addresses the achievement needs of students who wish to gain the knowledge to go forward with their plans to attend college.

The reality is learning loss occurred for many students in K12 schools throughout the United States. There are lingering effects of unfinished learning as stated in an article written by McKinsey and Company, July 27, 2021. While data suggest that remote learning helped some students, many students met with failure by not having onsite instruction and learning.  Now, with most educational institutions back in session and onsite, students must work to close their learning gaps, and excel in their studies if they are going to achieve at a level of proficiency to gain entry into the colleges and universities of their choices.

The Saturday Scholar provides instruction in the areas of reading and mathematics that helps students to achieve success in school and increase their scores on the SAT and ACT, which many higher learning institutions require for acceptance into their schools. Learning is the gateway to obtaining professional success as an adult. Earning that first college degree is only attainable if students are prepared with the reading and math skills to support more complex learning at the college level.

The Saturday Scholar delivers the deep and intensive learning needed for students to do well in a college environment Saturdays, beginning in October through May when students take the SAT in their perspective schools. Each week, students receive differentiated and individual instruction, skill-building exercises, and test taking strategies in order to further improve their learning and increase their scores on the national standardized tests.

While students are in class Saturday mornings, parents are invited to attend college-planning workshops. We, at the Saturday Scholar, are committed to making all the learning and information tools available to our students and their families. The Saturday Scholar goal is for every student in our program to leave at the end of the program strengthened academically and equipped to seek college acceptances with the confidence of preparation to make good decisions as they seek new and exciting pathways of learning.

The team and I welcome you to Saturday Scholar. Please review all information about the program and reach out if you have questions.  See you on October 9!

With warm regards,

Ernestine L. Sanders

Educational Excellence

Committed to making a difference

our Mission

meet State Requirements

Improving reading, writing, and grammar for young students and perfecting study and preparation techniques for college planning high schoolers.

Close Achievement Gap

Giving students who are socioeconomically disadvantaged the resources and support to succeed.

Meet Potential

Our proven formula for success will have students meeting State guidelines, improving their G.P.A. and test scores, and building confidence they will carry for a lifetime.

How we support students and parents

Our programs


Setting the foundation for strong test scores used for college admissions decisions and awarding merit-based scholarships

Michigan Assessments Prep

Preparation for state standardized tests including M-STEP and PSAT.

Early Learners

Reading and writing assistance for at risk 3rd graders not on track to meet State educational requirements.
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Parent Workshops

Classes for parents and guardians on all things college such as admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and more.

Distance learning

Partial online learning offered for our programs to ensure the safety of our students and staff amid COVID-19.

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Reaching their true potential

Detroit area families are at a greater socioeconomic disadvantage than most. Since the onset of COVID-19, Detroit has been one of the hardest hit cities in Michigan. School closures left almost all Detroit students unable to finish schooling due to lack of funds for electronics and internet access. Now more than ever, students in the Detroit area need programs like The Saturday Scholar to help them get back on track. Our program is designed to build student success and exceed state requirements. Please consider donating to our educational nonprofit to ensure we can keep helping students in need.

Guiding the leaders of tomorrow

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The Saturday Scholar is now accepting applications for the 2021 - 2022 academic year

Contact us to learn more about our programs or if you would like to submit an application. On-site classes are held Saturdays at University of Detroit Mercy College of Business. All materials are provided.  Financial aid is available upon review.

Call: (313) 909-4231


Satisfied former students


My high school years were very challenging.  I am so lucky that Ernestine L. Sanders and Rosalie Wattrick were in my life to push me to excellence as I focused on my preparation for College and my Career Pathway.
Antonia Justice
Great opportunity! Ms. Sanders and Ms. Wattrick helped me so much throughout my high school career to make sure I was prepared for the ACT! Take advantage!​
Miles Brockman
WMU 2020
Having a daughter that is so talented in so many ways makes me even more thankful that she went to a school that had such strong leadership and helped her apply herself and be the Scholar she is today.
Lakena Hutch
My counselor, Ms. Wattrick, worked very hard to elevate my entrance potential for college and I am very fortunate to have been so inspired by her professional guidance.
Jonathan Frisson
I am very grateful that I received the highest level of education in a school system led by Ernestine L. Sanders who set the standards that made me the successful scholar that I am today.
Zakia Brewer
GVSU 2019

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