Great opportunity! Ms. Sanders and Ms. Wattrick helped me so much throughout my high school career to make sure I was prepared for the ACT! Take advantage!

Miles Brockman, Business student at The Haworth College of Business

I am very grateful that I received the highest level of education in a school system led by Ernestine L. Sanders  who set the standards that made me the successful scholar that I am today.

~ Zakia Brewer, GVSU College Graduate

My counselor, Ms. Wattrick, worked very hard to elevate my entrance potential for college and I am very fortunate to have been  so inspired by her professional  guidance.

~ Jonathan Frisson, Student

My high school years were very challenging.  I am so lucky that Ernestine L. Sanders and Rosalie Wattrick were in my life to push me to excellence as I focused on my preparation for College and my Career Pathway.

~ Antonia Justice, former Student

Having a daughter that is so talented in so many ways makes me even more thankful that she went to a school that had such strong leadership and helped her apply herself and be the Scholar she is today.

~ Lakena Hutch, Parent